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Accommodation in the Swan Valley or Accommodation near the Swan Valley is a must for wine lovers, golfers, paddle sports enthusiasts, horse riders etc. The Swan Valley is Perth's wine country, with the second oldest vineyards in Australia. Get to your Swan Valley accommodation via a Swan River Cruise one of Perth most popular tourist activities. Loam soil banks of the Swan Valley has produced some of the best wine grapes in the world from vineyards in the Swan Valley. I remember many years ago touring the wine cellars of Houghton's winery when my parents were into wine cellar door sales. A couple of nights before , we watched a spectacular fireworks display after Christmas Carols at Sandalford Wines estate, a popular Swan Valley function centre where a lot of people go to the Swan Valley to get married.



Swan Valley hotel accommodation near golf courses is resort quality. From your Swan Valley accommodation you can explore the hills of Perth known as the Darling Range or the nearby historic Guildford. I developed a liking for the Swan Valley when I went to Guildford Grammar School


Accommodation in the Swan Valley is limited so reserve your accommodation in the Swan Valley now before it's booked out.

Swan Valley accommodation is near Perth Airport and shopping at nearby Midland.  Beaches of Perth are 25 minutes near the Swan Valley

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Swan Valley Vineyards, near Darling Range in background.

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Best Winery Restaurant in the Swan Valley near Perth
Best winnery restaurant in the Swan Valley near Perth.

Luxurious Perth Wedding Reception Venue in the Swan Valley
Perth wedding reception venue in the Swan Valley.

Perth Airport close to the Swan Valley

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