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Use the Great Eastern highway to get in and out of both the Perth domestic airport and Perth international airport. Lookout for large green airport street signs. Users of Perth international airport via the Perth CBD should also travel via Tonkin Highway and Horrie-Miller Drive near the Perth international airport.  Perth airports are about 8Km distant from the Perth CBD.  You should allow at least 30 minutes traveling time between the Perth CBD and Perth Airports. Double in peak hour traffic.

Photo of Perth Airport
Photo of Perth Airport

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Perth Airport telephone Number 61 8 9478 8888

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Some airlines flying Perth airport. You'll need to clear immigration and have your passport number if flying with the airline "National Jet" to some Australian territories such as Cocos Islands from Perth Airport

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  • Parking is not permitted near the Perth Airport terminal door

  • Short term parking near Perth Airport costs approximately $6 per hour and is about 50 metres from the Perth Airport terminal door.

  • Long term parking lot near Perth airport is about an acre in size and looked nearly full

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