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Q: How quickly can I expect to sell my Perth house privately?

A: Most real estate including Perth houses sell in the first month.  If the private sale of your Perth house does not sell within the first month of it being on the market, you should revise your home selling price and consider advice from a Perth Real Estate Agent. The home selling rate chart below is based on the average home selling rate Australia wide.

rate of private home sale
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If you want free real estate sales promotion in Perth for private home sales in Perth, feel welcome to post your home sales pitch and images of your Perth house on the FREE PERTH REAL ESTATE BULLETIN BOARD (forum)

The first step in privately selling your Perth home is to get a good property valuation of the Perth property market rate of your home with an accurate assessment by a Perth property valuer.

If you want helpful free DIY Private home sales advice feel welcome to let us know how to contact you using this secure, confidential private home sale Perth form.

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