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To save disappointment PLEASE book beach accommodation well in advance if booking for limited holiday summer peak season, at prime beach locations in Perth.  BeachFront holiday rental accommodation in Perth is booked by holiday makers well in advance.  This booking form is for a fully furnished, self-contained, serviced beachfront apartment in Perth. There is no commitment to pay with this form.  We will send more Perth beachfront accommodation information ASAP

Emails like the following will NOT be replied to.

Hi, We (how many???) would like to enquire about hotel room rates for a beachfront room from about! 12 Dec 12 for a week or two.

Check List BEFORE Phoning to Book BeachFront Accommodation in Perth Australia

international marketing strategies Have dates. If you want to stay at our small luxury hotel Perth so much that you're flexible with dates, then feel welcome to TELEPHONE.

international marketing strategies List full name of each adult included with this TELEPHONE booking.

international marketing strategies Accommodation configuration information. Example: We require 2 rooms, one for an adult couple and another room for our grandmother.

international marketing strategies Have questions about accommodation and Scarborough Beach ready, including  recommended Scarborough accommodation we can recommend with your budget.

If you have any queries including the form above, contact hotel marketing:

If your luxury apartment booking application is approved or not you will be emailed confirmation including dates of your secured booking.

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